The 'CINEMA.JPEG' Project Distills Movies into a Few Image Files

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: adrienparlange & fastcocreate
Using only a handful of images to represent movies, artist Adrien Parlange created a series of movie collages in 'CINEMA.JPEG.' Parlange's exercise in minimalism distilled the essence of movies into a couple frames with accompanying file names. The artist only used classic movies as a base such as 'E.T.' and 'Top Gun.'

Each CINEMA.JPEG illustration takes advantage of two dimensional space along with small pictures to depict a film. In 'The Exorcist,' a 'girl_bridge.jpg' picture is shown arranged diagonally between two stair pictures. The 'Rocky' depiction shows three pictures of steps arranged vertically leading up to a picture of a man raising his hands in victory.

The films chosen were all picked by using Google. Parlange searched for the most popular films and chose the eight most popular ones.