This Music Station is Only Accessible on the Williamsburg Bridge

 - Jul 14, 2015
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'W.B.B.R.' is a motivational radio station that is only available on New York's Williamsburg Bridge. The new station was created for Brooklyn-based record label 'UNO!' and works through an accompanying smartphone app.

The unique music station plays upbeat songs when you first get on the bridge and then more soothing music after you pass the halfway point. The app is entirely hands-free and uses GPS and a system of beacons to track your exact location. This means that the app will start playing music automatically as soon as you reach the bridge.

The team who created the motivational radio station explains that they were inspired by the idea of private radio broadcasting that only plays in specific locations. They thought about the commuters who use the bridge each day and how they could provide a motivation soundtrack to inspire them to start their day off right.