The Moss Table Generates Electricity Through Photosynthesis

 - Apr 28, 2012
References: biophotovoltaics.wordpress & dvice
The Moss Table provides one example of the future application for biophotovoltaic technology (BPV). Through the process of photosynthesis, BPV devices generate electricity using specific living organisms such as cyanobacteria, moss, algae and vascular plants. The Moss Table has the potential to harvest enough energy to power devices like a small clock or lamp, which is demonstrated in the prototype.

Developed by Biophotovoltaic, an obvious albeit appropriate name for this company, the Moss Table is home to 112 moss pots. Housed on a white side table, they collectively generate just over 500 joules of energy throughout a day, enough to power a laptop for a whopping 20 seconds. That is not a lot, but it paves a way for other uses.