'Mornings with Marien' by Senen Llanos Chronicles a Beautiful Friendship

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: senencito & neatorama
The 'Mornings with Marien' photo series is a beautiful project that stems from the impulsivity of love and friendship. The premise for the series began unknowingly on December 30, 2005, when aspiring photographer Senen Llanos was attending a goodbye party for Marién Enid, a dancer and yoga student moving from Puerto Rico to New York. In order to greet the New Year in style, Llanos proposed taking a photo in the soft morning light. Since then, they have met each other at the end of each year to take a new portrait at the break of dawn.

The Mornings with Marien photo series is not only "a chronicle of a friendship that survives time and distance" as Neotorama touchingly puts it, it also showcases Llanos' progression as a photographer.