The Morbotron Search Engine is a Futurama Image Database

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: morbotron & io9.gizmodo
Morbotron is the 'Frinkiac' (a website where users can type in words or quotes from The Simpsons and receive episode screenshots) for Futurama fans.

Morbotron is a searchable image database that lets fans easily search for scenes, images, or quotes and can then turn them into a Meme or a GIF. The database is named after Futurama character Morbo the Anihilator, who is a newscaster and attempted intergalactic tyrant. The database has more than 861,000 screengrabs that are taken from the 124 episodes and four movies from the series.

Users have the option to try and search for the image or screen capture they're looking for or use an option that randomly generates results. Morbotron is a fun site for Futurama fans to either search for favorite scenes and quotes or to use the random result generator to enjoy the other Futurama content available.