Matthew Bone and Brian Viveros Flaunt Fascination With Macabre Art

 - May 8, 2009
References: cultepics & lastritesgallery
Huge fans of horror movies, Matthew Bone and Brian Viveros, prepared an art exhibit called "Southern" at the Last Rites Gallery in New York.

For his new paintings, Matthew Bone found inspiration in a French movie, Inside. Most of his models are found through Myspace.

Both of the artists introduce a macabre, dark and vivid, melting party. Viveros and Bone's work is a collection of dark eyes, shattered bodies, at times suffering, paralyzed and isolated. These slow moving, purely visual animations move you into a hypnotic trance with their superb sense of horror and illusion. The deathly elements combine with a sort of dirty sex-appeal, giving the paintings a hunting feeling.

At the opening there will be a screening of the movie by Brian Viveros and Eriijk Ressler called "Southern" from which the show was named. I had to watch with only one eye open.