The Moose Chair by TrevorO'Neil Design is Wildly Whimsical

 - Jun 16, 2012
References: gizfactory & materialicious
Add some pizzazz to your living-room chairs and employ The Moose Chair by Trevor O'Neil Design. This eccentric orange-colored lounger has taken its inspiration from a true creature of nature, the majestic moose. With antler-shaped carvings and intricate detailing these chairs pays homage to a giant wilderness-dwelling animal.

The chairs boast a pylon-orange color on the antlers of the chair and on the matching upholstery. The upholstery covers high density foam and rubber that add comfort and back support to this wild seating. Despite the eccentric color featured in the photographs, there is also the option to select a customized color when placing your order and selecting the specific requirements of your moose-inspired seat.

The Moose Chair by Trevor O'Neil brings wilderness to you in a modern, colorful and clean-cut living-room ready designs.