Moorhouse's Series of Drawings Glow with Mystery

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: fayemoorhouse.tumblr
You've seen X-rays being used in hospitals or airports, but you probably have never seen art that was inspired by X-rays. UK-based freelance illustrator Faye Moorhouse has created a stunning series of illustrations that feature ethereal figures that seem to glow in the dark. Her eerie-looking images, aptly named 'Midnight Gatherings,' are a surreal series of images that feature pale ephemeral figures posing with translucent bodies and faces staring off into the dark abyss that is the black canvas.

Her work seems to glow in the dark as she abstractly deals with childbirth and motherhood, death and society, detached body parts that have drawings of faces on them and a group that seem to be celebrating something while body parts are lying on the ground. These surreal illustrations seem to lighten the gravity and seriousness of the entire series by playing on the unknown and mysticism.