'Mood' by Dorothea Conveys Plenty of Emotion

 - Aug 24, 2010   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: displacedbones.blogspot & cartoonstyles.blogspot
'Mood' by Dorothea is a series of self-portraits photographed by Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen.

The images evoke meaning and emotion in such a raw form that any viewer or admirer could understand. Each image is given its own title that cover a range of emotions, characteristics and actions. 'Brave,' 'Movement,' 'Desperation,' 'Hope' and 'Satisfaction' sum up the images in words. Definitely incredible and thought-provoking, see these interesting photos for yourselves in the featured gallery.

Implications - Pieces that are emotionally charged tend to appeal more to consumers as they focus on the commonality of human emotion. This helps to not only garner consumer attention, but induce an emotional response that makes a brand more memorable in their minds.