The Monstool Barstool is a Hybrid Chair of Sci-Fi Creatures

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
While many people often forget, furniture design is of course a form of art. However, the Monstool barstool plays up its creative quality in a much more obvious way than the archetypal seat you find most frequently.

As you can see, this peculiar project by Nikita Kolbovskiy is still based on the composition of standard chair parts, including four legs, a seat, a backrest and even places to rest your feet. But the sci-fi forms of the furnishing allow it to succeed functionally in a remarkably unusual way.

The designer suggests that the extraterrestrial perch could be manufactured of a metal like aluminum or steel and coated in a matte black finish for a futuristic effect. Such materials would allow the Monstool barstool to manifest physically as the insects, pterodactyls and aliens that inspired it, complete with sleek spindly legs and a set of antennae.