These 'Monstera' Plant Pots are Designed with Long Fragile Legs

 - Oct 19, 2015
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Dutch designer Tim van de Weerd has created this line of 'Monstera' plant pots that are meant to mimic the look of natural roots in an organic and delicate manner.

The design is meant to display what the deisgner describes as "a fascinating tension between stillness and movement and between the organic and the industrial." The legs of the two 'Monstera' pots are made from steel bars bent and shaped to resemble fragile plant roots. They are then covered in an industrial chemical epoxy clay that hardens over time. Any imperfections like bumps or grooves are then smoothed out, and finally the entire planter is covered in a glossy layer of white lacquer.

The end result is an odd yet beautiful piece of home decor that complements any organic life it holds.