Monarch Copper Underwear Keeps Your Private Parts Clean

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: guanabee & gizmodo
Cotton and silk might be two of the most popular fabrics found in panties, so at first, the idea of the new Monarch copper underwear might rub you the wrong way. Wipe the image of a chastity belt out of your mind's eye because these tinny skivvies are reputedly quite comfortable.

The brassy metal material is bound with polyamide to produce a fine wire. This is woven into the cozy cloth of undergarments so the wearer cannot sense it at all. Quite bit of trouble goes into hiding its presence, so you might be wondering, what's the point? With Monarch copper underwear, you're literally shielded from 99% of naturally occurring fungi and bacteria, so your private parts are kept clean and infection-free.

Photo Credits: SodaHead