Momenta PC Concept

 - Feb 20, 2008
References: nextgendesigncomp & slashgear
Are you ready to take feeling strangled by your work to the next level?

This PC design concept comes from Momenta who entered Microsoft's Next-Gen PC Design Competition. It monitors the world around you to help you determine what sorts of events cause emotional or mental changes. It records your pulse while simultaneously videoing your surroundings. When your heart rate speeds up, it tracks back to five minutes prior to give you a re-run of the events to help you distinguish what caused the emotional stress.

This would be great for someone who experiences anxiety disorder and is trying to figure out their psychological response to the stimuli around them, but I'm not sure how I feel about radiation that close to my body. I mean, men worry about affecting their prostates when they put their PCs across their laps. Then again, people seem to have no problem gabbing on their cell phones for hours on end.

I'm scared for the long-term effects of these devices, but meanwhile, I appreciate the aesthetics of designs like these.