AirPlus' Product Nourishes the Feet with Aloe and Vitamin E

The moisturizing socks from AirPlus were created to offer female consumers a more comfortable and convenient way to get softer feet. In order to do this, the company saturated the socks with Aloe and Vitamin E, which are then transferred to the feet as the pair is worn overtime.

With this, AirPlus' moisturizing socks provide hydration to the skin without needing consumers to constantly rub in a cream, making for a more relaxing and hassle-free experience. In addition to making feet softer, the product is perfect to wear around the house to keep warm in, with a variety of feminine colors available to choose from so that consumers can flaunt their own personal sense of style.

Another notable asset of AirPlus' product is its affordability, given that consumers are more likely to test out its usefulness if the moisturizing socks are priced the same as any regular pair.