The Layer Keyboard Affords Different Arrangements According to the Desk

 - Jan 15, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Computer manufacturers cater to people with both spacious and close-packed workstations, so the best electronics are adaptable. This modular keyboard exemplifies the next level of customizability in computing, especially because it reworks the standard peripheral products.

Kim Edo's concept for the Layer Keyboard integrates a full QUERTY keyboard, a numerical set, a trackpad mouse and a drawing tablet. Each of these parts can be stacked together to take up no more room than your average desktop typer. If the user values a tangible cursor surface over the set of number keys, the latter can be removed to reveal a sensitive surface. If you've got additional room to spread things out on your desk, take off both of the buttoned add-ons, and you can easily interact with all three cordless components as needed.