The Modula Shower System Cleans Up Aesthetic Mess

 - Feb 12, 2013
Despite washrooms being primarily spaces for enhancing personal cleanliness, the Modula Shower System makes you think about just how messy yours likely is, by comparison to these examples. This practical tiling collection was designed to bring order to the chaos of disorganized plumbing and disorderly hygiene products.

Tommaso Bistacchi's concept revolves around a set of modular pieces that can be installed for a tidy and coherent look of the various built-in and movable features and objects around the shower and bathtub area. There are fourteen different plaques that incorporate things like soap dishes, shelves, curtain rod holders, faucets and knobs. The Modula Shower System allows you to align each of these amenities for a systematic setup, or to get a bit creative with a more abstract arrangement on the wall.