FollowMe by Marset Provides a Sweet Illumination for Indoors & Outdoors

 - Sep 6, 2014
References: marset & coolhunting
While traditional lanterns have a charm about them than many who appreciate retro and rustic aesthetics can't help but appreciate, there are other people who prefer to enjoy more modern lanterns. FollowMe is such a modern lantern, boasting a minimalist design with sleek lines and a basic palette. Yet the makeup of the modern lantern has a bit of a quirkiness to it that ensures it is far from boring.

Designed by Marset, the modern lantern is made for both indoor and outdoor use. Cool Hunting writes that it is "an LED table lamp inspired in form and function by the traditional oil lantern." With a warm glow and a wooden handle, people will want to take it with them everywhere.