Roblin Proves Why Modern Eco-Architecture is Masterful

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: youtube & trendhunter
Contributing Editor Amelia Roblin may not have ultimately chosen to pursue architecture as a career; however, her favorite trend on modern eco-architecture dictates how she continues to preserve a passion for it through writing. Aside from her adoration for architectural marvels, she also delves into the incredible atmosphere and energy of Trend Hunter, and how regardless of the fact that she has been living across the world, she is still fortunate enough to work for and feel a part of the Trend Hunter community.

What is your favorite trend and why?

My favorite trend is modern eco-architecture. There are about 25,000 clay tiles made locally that are put into this enormous timbral arch. Many architects choose the route of expressing natural materials or expressing the technology behind it, but few of them take both paths and do it as well as this house. It's an engineering masterpiece and it is absolutely beautiful. They earn about 2,000 pounds each year by putting energy back into the grid.

What is the best thing about working at Trend Hunter?

I've been allowed to work from Australia for so long. I can have a job here, move away and still keep it. The opportunity to go somewhere else, find different things, get a different perspective and be able to come back here is great. Even though I am on the other side of the planet most of the time, we still have our community page, there is still an ongoing dialogue between everyone and it's a really fantastic place to be. It makes the world feel smaller.

What is the most remarkable way you see business changing?

I see business changing in the way that companies are interacting a lot more with their costumers online. As a result, they are investing more trust in their employees and their consumers.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I was little I wanted to be an architect. I was sure of it by grade seven and actually started out on that route in university. I saw some of that through, but now it's more of an interest and not necessarily something i'll do as a job. I really like writing about it though.

Predict something awesome for 2020?

It might not be entirely environmentally sound, but buildings that float. This whole concept of touching the earth lightly with architecture taken to the extreme and elevating things off the earth. I wrote up an article a while back about an Olympic stadium, which incorporates these balloons that tie into the ground by these shafts with elevators in them. It's a way to have more trees and more vegetation in general.

Any last words you'd like to add about Trend Hunter?

It's been a really good time working for Trend Hunter. I couldn't be happier especially at this particular moment because there is a party happening just outside the door!