The ‘Muse Clock’ Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Time

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: kickstarter
Innovator Nate Borozinski from Kansas has designed a modern analog clock that inspires us to "stop and think about time in a new way," according to its site. The ‘Muse Clock’ is made with a 15 inch powder coated aluminum frame, two colored panels that tells time through rotation and a polished glass face.

This sleek way of telling time on this analog clock is tastefully cryptic and can be extremely confusing. Inspired by the way Ancient Egyptians told time using the Base 12 system, the clock splits a standard 24 hour day into two separate 12 hour periods. While the blue face represents the hour, the orange face shows the minute axis. The longest hands of the clock projecting out nearest to the edge of the clock point to positions on the clock that users are able to recognize even without numbers. As these discs rotate, they create aesthetically pleasing visuals as they shape-shift in size and color.

As Borozinski says in his video, "enjoy this moment, take it in, there’ll never be a moment just like this."