The MIT Jet Injector is Jet-Propelled and Won't Leave a Bruise

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: youtube & fastcoexist
The MIT jet injector is the solution for all who are needle-wary, as the jet-propelled syringe can inject any liquid or powder into the skin at the speed of sound, causing no pain at all.

Though the device looks daunting, with the diameter of the jet of medicine entering the skin being that of a mosquito's stinger, you can imagine the pain you would feel -- none at all. The researchers at MIT even thought about the depth of the medicine insertion. The coil surrounding the inside of the pump can change speeds, meaning that once the medicine is inside the skin, it can slow down, therefore varying the depth of medicine reach. The syringe also has the capability of suctioning liquids back out of the skin.

The high-pressure syringe ushers in an age where stabbing sharp objects into the body voluntarily will no longer be the norm.