This Mirror Sculpture is Inspired by Ancient Mesopotamian Temples

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: shirinabedinirad & mymodernmet
This mirrored sculpture installation by Iranian artist Shirin Abedinirad uses its changing reflective surface to alter its appearance depending on a viewer's perspective.

Titled 'Mirrored Ziggurat,' the design is part of the Australian 'Underbelly Arts Festival' and was inspired by the temples of ancient Mesopotamia that were made to bring humans closer to the gods. Consisting of seven levels of steps -- representing the seven different heavens -- the reflective surface of the mirrored sculpture takes on different forms depending on where it is viewed. At certain angles, the surface reflects back slices of the natural landscape and transforms into a blue piece of the sky when viewed from above.

The 'Mirrored Ziggurat' acts as a staircase 'which seeks to connect nature with human beings while creating a union of ancient history and today’s world.' Abedinirad says on her website. "This installation offers a transformative view of the self."