Yeong Ja Jung's Mirror Reflection Photography Disrupts Expectations

 - Oct 19, 2013
References: likeafieldmouse & mymodernmet
Photographer Yeong Ja Jung distorts reality with his captivating mirror reflection photography. Jung utilizes mirrors in an entirely different way; rather than his subjects looking at themselves, they simply carry the mirror, facing it towards the camera.

The photos feature the fragmented bodies of the subjects, the reflection of the mirror and the surrounding nature, creating hypnotic images. These elements create a visually disruptive version of reality; in other words, your expectations have been ruptured. The scene of the photographs are more complex than a simple landscape, encouraging the viewer to try to fully comprehend the scope and range of each reflection and how it affects the image.

It's difficult to discern where each reflection begins and ends, but that adds to the fractured intrigue of this brilliant photo series.