The MINUS ONE Project Prompts You to Help the Planet

 - Dec 31, 2011
References: minusoneproject & youtube
The environmental problem is getting worse every day, with newsont melting glaciers, disappearing species and climate changes, and though this may give many the feeling that they are helpless, the MINUS ONE Project gives you an easy way to make a real difference.

In the recent years, such easy solutions have appeared surprisingly from advertising agencies.These are simple, easy steps that, when followed by millions, can create big differences. MINUS ONE sets itself apart by way of its utter and complete ease of execution: it requires the user to reduce the font size by 1 point before printing a document, cutting down paper consumption, which means lesser number of trees need to be axed.

The idea behind the MINUS ONE Project doesn't require anyone to stop doing anything; it requires people to get proactive.