These Mint Tins are Inspired by Tropical Tourist Destinations

 - Aug 11, 2016
This collection of mint tins pays homage to tropical tourist destinations like Mexico, Italy and Brazil and comes in six refreshing flavors. Conceived by Spanish graphic designer Mella Rosa, the MA-MA Mints brand identity is all about capturing the colorful and vibrant spirit of different exotic places across the globe.

Rosa creates chromatic illustrations of different beach destinations with imagery representative to each -- while vibrantly feathered parrots adorn MA-MA Mints' Brazil mint tins, paper pinata motifs are used to accent its Mexico flavor.

Spotlighting exotic flavors like 'Passion Fruit,' 'Raspberry Peach' and 'Honey Melon' among others, this collection of tasty mints is vividly packaged to capture the attention of consumers. The range will appeal to those seeking exotic versions of traditional breath fresheners that can otherwise feature more expected flavor options.