These Minimalist Posters are Designed to Expand Your Vocabulary

 - May 23, 2016
References: smartgiant & designtaxi
These eye-catching minimalist posters function as a creative graphic dictionary.

Designed by graphic designer Mick Watson and inspired by the 'word of the day' project he had assigned his daughter, the designer decided to sell his posters for other people's use as well. The colorful graphic images he has created each represent the word that is being described in the same poster. The purpose of this imagery is to make these uncommon words easier to remember and define. Images in his project include the 'Ulosis' poster which showcases a picture of Harry Potter in order to represent the formation of a scar, and a city landscape to help remember the term 'Urbacity.'

The minimalist posters are an excellent way to sharpen and expand vocabulary skills and creatively associate imagery with knowledge.