QWSTION & huber egloff Designed New Minimalist Backpacks and Accessories

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: qwstion & highsnobiety
'QWSTION' and 'huber egloff,' two Swiss brands, collaborated for a collection of minimalist backpacks and accessories that are perfect for the modern-minded traveler.

Each of the pieces are made up with a sleek construction, with the shape of the backpacks simplified to be more aesthetically pleasing. In order to do this QWSTION and huber egloff don't include additional compartments on the outside, giving the carriers a more streamlined look.

Despite not having a slew of compartments, the minimalist backpacks are still capable of carrying everything needed with ease. The two brands ensure this by including small pockets on the interior -- making it simple to retrieve smaller items from inside. In addition to the backpacks, QWSTION and huber egloff created a hip bag to go along -- which sports the same neutral colorway and luxurious gold zippers.