The TapeWORM

 - Sep 20, 2008
References: coroflot & yankodesign
The humble adhesive tape dispenser usually comes in two varieties: the humongous and heavy type and the cheap plastic ones which quickly falls apart.  The solution is the radically different tapeWORM which is compact and light and will not break.

It consists of a strip of highly flexible metal with a serrated edge on one end. It flexes easily to sit mostly inside the tape roll. The business end slides over the top of the tape via a notched recess. The user just has to press down near the tapeWORM’s serrated edge, pull and cut off the amount of tape needed.

The tapeWORM springs back into its original flat shape which allows for efficient storage, packing and shipping.

The industrial designer is Paul Sandip, who is based in Delhi, India.