- Mar 25, 2008
References: via http & mindmentor
In this day and age, a large percentage of the population in developed countries is either seeing a metal health hygienist or therapist (psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor) or has seen one at some point in their life. From the way things are presented, people are made to feel that if they've never seen a therapist, there is something wrong with them.

And that brings me to MindMentor.

MindMentor is an automated therapist robot on a software program written in 1966 that was developed by Jaap Hollander and Jeffrey Wijnberg, who are two Dutch psychologists. Mindmentor, which is based on a program named Eliza, is a robot that emulates the interaction between a patient and his/her counselor by basically restating the patients answers into grammatically correct responses. I didn't understand that.

Anyway, for about $8 an hour, MindMentor will provide you with counseling. On the front page of the website, MindMentor announces that its "mission is to help people achieve their goals and solve the problems". Furthermore, it is always available, very discreet, highly effective, fast and affordable at only $8 dollar a pop. So hurry up and go get yourself "psychologized" by this robot. You know you need it.