Mimosa Architects Built a Home Entirely Covered in Shingles

 - May 16, 2017
References: archinect
Save for the windows that let in light and, ironically, the roof, Mimosa Architect's newly built cottage is enveloped in shingles around its entire exterior. The weekend cottage in Dobris, Czech Republic, has a curvy exterior that allows the shingles to cleanly cover the entirety of the structure without having to collide with each other at odd angles.

Though the shingles are certainly a captivating design feature, they also have a deeper philosophical purpose. The cottage's occupants are concerned with the health of the environment, and, as such, they looked for ways to reduce emissions in the building of the cottage. The shingles as well as several structural aspects of the building are made from wood sourced from the surrounding forest, reducing transportation costs and thus giving the cottage a smaller carbon footprint.