Nike's New Global Headquarters is Full of Millennial-Friendly Perks

As a global brand, Nike has a reputation for creating flexible work environments with Millennial-friendly perks.

Nike's newly opened New York-based Global Headquarters is a 150,000 square foot Midtown office space that spans six floors. The office features other Millennial-friendly features like flexible workspaces, a fitness studio, full-sized basketball court (that can accommodate 400 fans), two terraces, a library, wellness rooms and a food and beverage space. One of the terraces is centered around a giant Nike logo made of small plants that is best seen from the air. The basketball court will host local basketball teams and high schools for special events.

Recently, Nike has been making a significant move to entrench its association with New York City. Previously the brand had been based in its founding city of Oregon but Nike is now pushing to further invest into New York as its global headquarters.