The MIL Metal House Boasts Reflective Panes to Mimic Surrounding Forests

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: homesandhues & neatorama
Due to the intense heat in Santiago, Chile, houses must be designed to stay cool without blasting air conditioning all day, and the MIL Metal House did just that. Max IbaƱez and Claudio Iabarca are the masterminds behind the design, which allows ample light in but is also combined with strategic shaded areas so as not to overheat inhabitance.

A combination of metal, cool wood and concrete was used as materials for the building, all of which help to lower the temperature of the interior. However, the architects also wanted light and the forest views to be seen from the inside, so reflective windows were installed so as not to cut off guests from this outside world. The reflective windows in the MIL Metal House also mimic the surrounding forest, ensuring the concrete and industrial materials used do not overpower the design.