Mike Calway-Fagen Creates Delightfully Disparate Pieces

 - Dec 26, 2011
References: mikecalway-fagen & juxtapoz
Revitalizing a modern day sense of activism is exactly what artist Mike Calway-Fagen is trying to accomplish with his artwork. The young artist, completing a MFA at UC San Diego, has a steadfast affinity for defiance, a trait passed down to him by his iconoclastic father.

The work of Mike Calway-Fagen is entrenched with ideals of hope and fate. According to his website, "the projects offer alternatives to disaster, critique our creation of disaster, and soft-heartedly accept our fate." These are profound themes for such a young artist. Reciting the urgency ushered in during the 1960s, Calway-Fagen says, "my work acts to resuscitate this sense of activism."

Calway-Fagen’s art is ripe with irony, evident in the images of a dog seated atop a taxidermic canine cousin.