The Chair Project by Migle Kazlauskaite

 - Mar 1, 2010   Updated: Aug 11 2011
The Chair Project by Migle Kazlauskaite features three old chairs salvaged from a garage that were transformed into touching works of art. The chairs are meant to be gifts for his parents. Awww.

Migle Kazlauskaite says the chair is actually an ever-changing object and because of its transparency, it can fit into any environment and become a part of it. Very nice.

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Implications - As more consumers are undoubtedly following suit with eco-movements, there has been a direct affect on the art world. More artists are seeing the relationship that can form from recycled goods. Businesses can profit from this, by simplifying their products and realizing that not everything must have one-use but that there is new life for any old product.