Microsoft Bing Commercial Highlights Mouse-Over Search

 - Jun 3, 2009
References: adage
I never thought I could be weaned away from Google, but I've been using Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, and I am impressed. I love the fact that I can mouse over the Bing result and get a snippet of information.

With Google returning so many results from spam blogs (splogs), this is very handy when searching for the "long tail" content on the web. Another handy feature is the video preview available in Bing.

In this first commercial for Bing, Microsoft says, in part, "While everyone was searching, there was bailing; while everyone was lost in the links, there was collapsing."

"We don't need queries and keywords if they bring back questions and confusion. From this moment on, search overload is officially over."

Rumored to have a budget of $100 million for the Bing campaign, it will take at least that much to ingrain the brand name because of various other connotations.