Yuri Zapancic's Microchip Paintings Show that Bigger Isn't Always Better

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: yurizupancic & odditycentral
Yuri Zapancic is a French artist who specializes in creating breathtaking and occasionally unbelievable microchip paintings. Zapancic's microchip paintings are meant to be a commentary on how "smaller and faster" is now emphasized over "bigger and better."

Zapancic's microchip paintings are so small that they need to be viewed under a microscope to be fully appreciated. Zapancic's microchip paintings are done using a special brush, one that is constructed from the artist's own eyelashes.

Technology and art are more alike than one would initially think. As processors have gotten smaller and smaller over the years, so has different forms of artworks. Tilt-shift photography, miniature sculptures and paintings have all seen a huge resurgence in popularity. There may come a day when all art has to be viewed through a literal microscope. You heard it here first.