Tooth Picks Sculptures and Fruit Stone Art

 - Aug 23, 2008
References: shamey &
I am totally in admiration of the artist behind these micro-sculptures. I can't even use a tooth pick without the darn think breaking in half in my mouth. I raise my hat to Bob Shamey, of Ligonier, PA.

Incredibly, all these pictures are micro sculptures carved from tooth picks. The 9-car freight train was carved for the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum and, believe it or not, if you enlarge the image, you can actually see its wheels!

Personally I love the movable balls, chain links and miniature pliers more than the Warner Bros characters.

While these unquestionably rule, I would question the amount of joy having one of these pieces could give you in your home. That is unless you have Superman-style eye sight or a magnifying glass; otherwise, it would still just look like a toothpick. But hey, maybe I am missing the point.

Bob Shamey further demonstrates his kick arse wood carving skills by making some amazing pieces out of fruit stones. I much prefer these and adore the grumpy face made out of a peach stone.

I love the top tips given by Shamey to anyone wanted to carve a fruit stone - safe to say it would take a lot more than a clean seed. If you're tempted, below are tips for stone carving.