The MH-2 Robot Takes Telepresence Technology to the Next Level

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: & gizmag
The MH-2 Robot is a new telepresence robot designed to let you take your friends with you wherever you go. The robot mounts onto the shoulder, and is controlled using 22 servo motors. The person at home sees everything the robot sees, and can control its body.

The MH-2 Robot works in a slightly complicated way. First off, the person at home needs to wear a 3D helmet that connects them to the MH-2. The helmet works using a Kinect-like sensor that sends everything they do and say to the robot. Those signals get transmitted to the MH-2 Robot, which will then act out and say everything in the same manner as your friend at home. The whole setup is a little bizarre and bulky, but it is still a breakthrough in telepresence technology.