Metaplasia by Christos Koukis Evolves to Attain New Life

The building code requires structures to be sturdy and secure -- criteria which often translate to edifices with an aesthetic sense and a physical state of permanency. Metaplasia by Christos Koukis may itself result in a heavy structure, but the concept behind it approaches a very contemporary way of thinking about architecture.

Society changes and with it change its needs, so this idea of perpetuity may best be abandoned. This soccer stadium near Athens, Greece, is actually the rejuvination of a previous and unsatisfactory sportsplex in Nea Philadelpheia located on site.

The name of the project is derived from a word similar to "metamorphosis," and is often used scientifically to explain the process of cell mutation for survival in modified environments. Metaplasia by Christos Koukis embodies this notion conceptually and visually, through dynamic curving and twisting forms which seem to be ever in flux.