Mengyu Chen's Pop-Ups Introduce an Increasingly Tactile Quality to Print

 - May 31, 2012
References: cmycmyk & thisiscolossal
There is something very comforting about the way a novel feels in your hands, a feeling made much more involved while perusing the pages of Mengyu Chen's publication in-progress. The project is initially taking the form of an interactive comic book in which the use of one's hands plays an integral role.

These images are taken from motion sequences of experimental pop-ups in action. Some require two hands to achieve the desired animated effect to create convincing scenes depicting a paper airplane being thrown, a seed germinating in a person's palm, a firecracker alighting and a pinwheel unraveling. Black card was used for the backing of each board and cut and illustrated white paper pieces introduce the subjects. It will be fascinating to see how Jenny (Mengyu) Chen's creations are translated into print.