Megan Lee Celebrates Great Minds with Minimalist Silhouette Tributes

It’s time scientists became popular celebrities again and graphic designer Megan Lee is paving the way for that movement with these minimalist posters that celebrate the extraordinary discoveries of great minds. Using silhouettes as icons, Lee pays tributes to the likes of Einstein, Edison, Newton, Tesla, Oppenheimer, Bardeen, Maxell, Bohr, Feynman, and more. Each poster is composed to look as though they’re centuries old, which is appropriate considering most of the big names in this series died over 100 years ago. If vintage-looking wall adornments are your thing, then this collection is right up your alley.

Megan Lee is an up-and-coming artist based in Tampa, Florida. She offers a variety of geek chic wares on her Etsy page that are sure to sate nerds’ thirst for scientist, author and literary character references.