Meet the Patels Explores the Topics of Love and Family with Humor

 - Mar 24, 2016
References: meetthepatelsfilm & splitsider
'Meet the Patels' is an independent documentary that explores the topics of love and family from an Indian-American perspective. Despite dealing with important issues such as race, gender and culture, the film adopts a humorous, self-aware tone that is likely to appeal to millennial audiences.

Meet the Patels is a documentary that follows the love life of Ravi Patel. Single and on the verge of turning 30, Ravi embarks on a family vacation to India. What ensues is a humorous love triangle between the woman of Ravi's dreams and his family. Filmed by Ravi's own sister, the film explores love and family dynamics in Indian-American households with a humorous twist.

Mirroring the success of Netlix series 'Masters of None,' Meet the Patels manages to address important issues in a clever and self-referential way that keeps viewers entertained from start to finish.