This National University of Singapore Innovation Personalizes Medication

 - Jun 4, 2016
References: techtimes
Scientists at the National University of Singapore have developed a 3D-printed system for creating hyper-personalized medical pills.

There are currently pill designs and technologies that can improve upon the effectiveness of the delivery of medication, such as through low-dosage or slow-releasing capsules. NUS scientists have improved on this with a 3D fabrication method that revolutionizes the way tablets are taken.

The 3D-printed pills are made with a polymer that is designed to create unique shapes for the pills, which plays a part in the release rate of the drug. In order to give doctors more control over the kinds of medication they are able to offer, NUS scientists created a software that lets doctors draw a tailor-made design for tablet capsules, which can then be put through a 3D printer.