These Pencils Were Created in Response to Today's "Disposable Culture"

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: kickstarter
These mechanical pencils were designed to counter the current consumer culture of focusing on quantity over quality.

Most pencils are disposable and not viewed as collector's items, but Nicholas Hemingway aimed to change that fact. The designer created these mechanical pencils as a response to the continuing use of cheap materials and commodities that end up contributing to pollution, excessive waste and climate change. The 'Mark II Everlasting Mechanical Pencil' he created comes in three materials -- aluminum, brass and stainless steel. With their sleek aesthetic and functional design, the pencils can be viewed as products that the owner intends to keep for many years to come.

The message the designer sends along with this product is important as it reflects a shift back to conscious consumption that focuses on quality rather than mass production.