This Hi-Tech Machine Uses Seaweed to Transform Foods into Edible Caviar

 - Aug 31, 2015
References: kickstarter & mashable
The team at Mashable recently tested out the Imperial Spherificator, a machine that can turn almost any food into tiny caviar balls, on animal flesh to test out the result and see if they could create meat pearls. The process highlights the use of molecular gastronomy to transform the aesthetic of foods into new textures.

The machine works by using seaweed and calcium chloride to transform the shape of foods and turn them into caviar-like beads. The Mashable team went as far as creating bacon meat pearls that were topped on top of waffles covered in maple syrup. The meat was transformed into mini pastel pink pearls that retain the same flavor profile.

While creating meat pearls was successful, users do have to fiddle around with chemical contents to accommodate high sugar or acid content.