The Meal Measure Ensures Individuals Eat Suggested Servings

 - Aug 14, 2012
References: mealmeasure & outblush
If you are consistently finding yourself eating more than the daily recommended meal serving, the Meal Measure will allow you to curb that habit. Designed to be used with a standard kitchen plate, this invention acts as a mealtime template. Simply place this gadget on top of normal plates and know, with precision, the amount of food you eat. With cut-outs of different sizes strategically spaced out, this bizarre contraption lets people know the exact portions of food they are supposed to consume.

With the assistance of the Meal Measure, you will come to realize the miniscule amount individuals are actually supposed to consume, and how much people generally exceed it. Advertised to help individuals lose weight and manage their daily intake, this device is sure to become the object of hate and scorn during future meals.