The May 2014 Vogue Netherlands Dukauskaite Photoshoot is Boho Chic

 - May 31, 2014
References: & thefashionography
The May 2014 Vogue Netherlands Giedre Dukauskaite editorial focuses on a rather eccentric, boho-chic look at the model. Photographer Ishi honed in on Dukauskaite who jumped about in free flowing apparel, all of which was put together by stylist Marije Goekoop.

In each shot, Goekoop incorporated tattered scarves, chunky accessories, head pieces and loose, hanging knits. These items are what one would expect from any beatnik-inspired production, hence the spirited nature of Dukauskaite who showed off caftans and baggy ensembles.

Tribal elements are also found in this Vogue Netherlands production. Face paint and bangles point to cultural undertones that have been teased out here, merging informal dress with traditional manners of dress, style and comportment.