The Maxback Breaks the World Record for Biggest Camera Sensor

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: aphotoeditor & techcrunch
With an impressive number of zeroes attached to the price tag, the Maxback is the world's largest camera sensor and its cost rivals that of a small house (before the market crash, anyway).

Mitchell Feinberg is a very specific type of photographer. Luxury homes, expensive cars and priceless jewelry are his bread and butter. Normally, he shoots on 8x10 film, which provides incredibly vivid photographs, but at a steep price. Considering Feinberg captures nearly 10 images per editorial, the $15 cost of each still and the dwindling world supply of Polaroid film, the professional cameraman had to jimmy-rig a solution. The Maxback was commissioned by Feinberg himself -- the 8-by-10-inch camera back is monolithic when compared to normal digital camera sensors, which rarely go beyond 4.5 cm by 6 cm.

This kind of DIY solution, although expensive, will eventually save Mitchell Feinberg from the $50,000 annual fee he paid for Polaroid film. And hey, who knows, he might even rent it out to fellow shutterbugs!