Mavi Staiano Makes T-Shirts out of Strangers' Facebook Photos

 - May 5, 2010
References: viceland
Mavi Staiano has taken everyone’s favorite pastime, Facebook stalking, a little bit further. After hours and hours of online stalking, she has collected over 5,000 images and screen shots of random Facebookers. She has taken her obsession up a notch by printing strangers’ profile pictures on plain white t-shirts.

Indeed, your Facebook profile photo is often the most beautiful and the most edited version of you, so Mavi Staiano’s photos can be considered the best of the best. The collection of photographs are mostly All-American-looking, happy-go-lucky youths frolicking about.

Mavi Staiano draws influence from American photographer Richard Prince’s re-appropriation of photography and thus, the issue of copyright obviously springs up. Who owns the images you post on Facebook?