Maverick Industries SlackLife Presents a Glimpse into the UK Scene

 - Nov 12, 2011
References: maverickslacklines & youtube
Maverick Industries SlackLife film offers a look into the UK Slackline scene, with Maverick Slackline Riders Ian Jennings and Jacob Hirsch Holland.

At a secret location deep in the English countryside, the slackline community meet to share their passion. With both tricklines and highlines set up, the team tests these contraptions to the very limit of their expertise.

Through a high level of concentration, you put yourself in a state of oneness. It's just you, the line and your imperfections, training yourself to have total mental and physical control of what your doing, according to the riders.

It's a new opportunity to interpret something that in its essence is very simple, so its open to a really wide range of interpretation, and people are coming into it from all type of backgrounds, from extreme sports, from dance, from gymnastic backgrounds, trampolining and B Boys. Everybody brings their own flavor, and it's about developing one's own unique style.

The Maverick Industries SlackLife video was filmed and edited in 48 hours by Jon Moy for Maverick Slacklines.