The Maurie & Eve Gem Zipper Dresses are Delightfully Rebellious

As part of the Maurie & Eve Spring 2012 Diamond Life collection, this series of Maurie & Eve Gem Zipper dresses are sure to spritz up your summer dresses, frocks and skirts with ruggedly raw appeal. This intriguingly zippered garment is sleekly embellished with rock and roll style, while still being appropriate for Sunday brunch.

With similar styling to a classic cocktail dress, this frock is versatile, as it can be worn with the zippers both open and closed. Now individuals can show off their rocker-chic looks in a more conservative and reserved manner.

The zippered sides of this frock, which act more like peek-a-boo slits, can either be worn more conservatively when zipped up or more scandalously when unzipped. Make summer dresses a little more rebelliously stylish with the Maurie & Eve Gem Zipper Dresses.